Medical Safety Tubs

Our safety bathtubs are the latest in senior safety technology. We’ve developed a wonderful line of fun equipment to go along with our tubs, such as the safety on-off switch, micro bubbles that keep you warm, lighting for the right mood, an easy-to-open door, easy hookup to almost any plumbing.

Medical Tubs

medical safety bath tubs for seniors

The difference between any other walk-in tub and a safety tub like ours is that we’re able to integrate the tub with almost any of the popular medical alert systems. This feature is an added bonus to elderly customers since there’s virtually no disconnect from the time someone gets into the bathroom until they’re leaving. They’ll be constantly on alert, even while in the tub.


Here’s a little information about us. Please go there and request a catalog.

Author: Rodney

Serving up medical bathtubs for seniors who want to maintain their quality of life along with their independence.

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