Benefits of ADT Medical Alert

Whether you have a disability or simply live alone, having a medical alert system can mean the difference between life or death. It seems very harsh to make such an assertion, but the statistics do not lie. This tool can literally save your life by alerting authorities that you are having a medical emergency when you can not reach a telephone to call for help. Read on to learn more about your various options so you can decide which one is right for your personal needs.

Popular options offered by ADT for Seniors and those with disability

One of the most popular options, such as those offered by ADT, is the pendant style that you wear on your body. This allows you to call for help with the touch of the button if you fall or are having any sort of a medical emergency. Some pendants even have fall detection and can call for help if the sensor recognizes the fall. This can be critical if you were to pass out or hit your head, leaving you unconscious and unable to active the alarm yourself. An added bonus is that they are extremely affordable, costing less than most cell phone plans each month.

Thanks to technological advances, there are also options that do not leave you reliant on a home based system. One such system is GPS enabled so that no matter where you are you are able to quickly summon help and the device will tell the emergency responders your exact location. This enables you to live a fuller life without worry, such as visiting shopping complexes, taking long walks and more.

Like the GPS devices, there are also apps that can be installed on your phone to act in almost the same fashion. You cell phone naturally has GPS as long as it is turned on for the app to track your location. Depending on the app you use you can have one button access to emergency services that alerts them that you are unable to communicate where you are or what you particular emergency is, unlike just calling 911 from your cell phone. This increases the level of urgency from responders who at times can assume that the 911 call was merely an accident, commonly referred to as a pocket dial.

If you are in the market for one of these devices there are many companies to choose from. You should take the time to compare the differences as well as the costs. These companies are very competitive so you should have no problem finding a solution that fits into your budget. Just be sure the company is reputable and has good reviews from those that have given them a try.

Having an ADT medical alert system means that if you face an emergency you are far more likely to get the help that you need in a timely manner. The benefit of that can reduce the time it takes to recuperate as well as save your life. The small monthly payment is certainly worth having the reassurance.

True Story of ADT Alert saving a real life

Alert Systems for Seniors Reviews

Medical alert systems have been growing in popularity for senior citizens and others who need to have an alert device handy in the case of any type of medical incident. This used to be something that kept those folks tethered to the home near a phone but with the advent of cellular technology, medical alert devices can literally be tethered to a mobile phone or even have cell technology built in to send a message that you need help from anywhere.

Where to Compare Medical Alert Systems

medical alert systems review and comparison site It’s hard to say what the best medical alert system would be without knowing your individual needs. I recommend you do a side-by-side comparison on the kinds of devices that are out there. There are several places you could visit online to get a solid recommendation based on your needs. When online, it’s often a chore to decide who you should trust, but we’ve done all the work for you with seniors and the disabled in mind and therefore recommend this site for medical alert system reviews.

When do you know it’s time to buy? Easy. If you feel like you’re apprehensive about leaving the house or you’re a little nervous about staying home alone; or if you’ve had any type of accidents while alone, it’s time to look into a system that can provide you with the courage and peace of mind to leave the home alone. Or to stay at home alone. In the olden days, people who were in this situation had to hire help to stay with them 24hrs a day. Now you can have a virtual 24hr assistant keeping you only the push of a button away from medical needs should anything occur. This should give your family and you a good peace of mind!

Medical Safety Tubs

Our safety bathtubs are the latest in senior safety technology. We’ve developed a wonderful line of fun equipment to go along with our tubs, such as the safety on-off switch, micro bubbles that keep you warm, lighting for the right mood, an easy-to-open door, easy hookup to almost any plumbing.

Medical Tubs

medical safety bath tubs for seniors

The difference between any other walk-in tub and a safety tub like ours is that we’re able to integrate the tub with almost any of the popular medical alert systems. This feature is an added bonus to elderly customers since there’s virtually no disconnect from the time someone gets into the bathroom until they’re leaving. They’ll be constantly on alert, even while in the tub.


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